This time, one pandemic ago…

There is nothing new under the sun here at Eaglehawk.  The last time we had a pandemic in Australia, the club was preparing for the 1918~19 pennant season.  With the Great War finally finishing, people were looking forward to something a bit more pleasurable than scanning casualty lists.  In that season the teams we played against were Bendigo, Bendigo No 1, South Bendigo No. 1, South Bendigo No. 2, and Bendigo Golf in the North West Bowling Association Northern section.

We played 10 games winning 6 with a +70 shot net difference at the end of the season.  The leading skipper was J Highmore who had a +70 shot difference at the end of the season.  The other skippers were W Hosken and J H Stewart.

Bendigo No. 1 team won the Northern section with 8 wins.  They played against the Southern section winners, Kyneton who were victorious 71 / 61 thereby winning the NWBA pennant.

Please note that the team names are from newspaper clippings from the time.