Vale Clem Kirby

It is with deep regret that we advise that Life member Clem passed away peacefully on Tuesday.  Clem has been a member since September 1988 and worked tirelessly for the club throughout most of that time.  Father time caught up with him eventually and he had to curtail his activities around the club. Below are some comments from Leo Morgan which only touch on some of the work that Clem did for the club:

“Clem designed and build the verandah’s in front of the Club House as well as he designed and built the shelters including all the concrete slabs around the Stewart Read green.

 He also constructed the concrete ditch around  the Clarrie Kelly green (with help from Geoff Price). The replacement of two thirds of the roofing iron on the Club house was done by him.
 Not many of our more recent members would be aware that the fence along the car park side of the Stewart Read green was hard up along side of the shelters.  Clem decided to move the fence out about 4 metres into the park to allow a place for traffic and a place to put the hoses…….I said to Clem the council will hang us.. His words were,  you have to die of something..
These are only a few of the major projects that I was fortunate to be able to assist him with.There were numerous  smaller projects  he undertook on his own..
To have known Clem Kirby and his dedication to the Eaglehawk Bowling Club will live on with me..
Leo Morgan..”
Clem will be sorely missed.