Borough Burblings 28 May

The State Mid-week Pennant championships have been played and congratulations must go to Gisborne who won the event.  Congratulations must also go to South Bendigo who won the Weekend pennant championships in a very exciting game.  As for Eaglehawk, we won two of the five games and were in winning positions in two more including the final game against Gisborne.  Our section was very even with no five game winner and everybody winning at least two matches.  A good two days was had by all with everybody trying to do their best.  It is a very good tournament to aspire to reach, although playing in late May meant some very cold starts and pushy greens.

The next event on the calendar is the Bowls Victoria State Bowlers Arms championships.  It starts on Monday 6 June and goes through until Thursday 9 June.  It looks like winter has started early so it will be cold and hopefully the rain will stay away.

Go the Borough!