Borough Burbling’s 10 July 2022

The financial year has started and the days are starting to get longer, even though it is still pretty chilly.  The club is still open (we never close) and in some good news, the weekly members draw has commenced again.  We have gone “back to the future” with the requirement that the winning member must be at the club to claim the jackpot amount.  It is still on Friday’s, the major change is that it started  on 1 July and will continue on every week rather than just for the bowling season as it used to be.  Last weeks winner was Nick Belt who wasn’t there to claim the prize.  The jackpot is now $70.00 and has the potential to rise quite considerably.  For administrative purposes, the members list for the 21/22 year will be used until 31 August.  After that we will change to the 22/23 year.

The special members draw will still be held and that will be in early August.

There is some bad news however.  The weekly Bingo sessions will be going into recess for a few months.  The attendance numbers have been dropping for sometime now and COVID accelerated the decline.  It has now got to the stage where it is not economical to continue with it.  The last night for Bingo will be this coming Thursday 14 July.  The jackpot of $425.00 will be going off.  The club hopes to continue with Bingo in the future and will look at some different options when the time comes.

Bingo has been going for some 45 years after Jim Pianto started it up to raise extra funds for the club.  It has been a great part of the club’s fundraising activities in that time and will be sorely missed for the time that it is in recess.  However, we have to recognise that there are a lot of other calls on peoples time these days.

Go the Borough!