Vale Roy Sawers

It is great regret that we note the passing of Roy Sawers who died recently at the tender age of 96.  Roy joined the club on 1 December 1956 and was a member until 2020 when he was unable to play bowls anymore.  A club champion in his time, he played well over 500 Division 1 games for the club as well as a large number of lower division games.  He was a member of the first ever BDBA C grade pennant premiers in 1958.  He was also the first ever official BDBA umpire in 1968; his umpires card was No. 1.

In his later years he will be remembered for his Father Christmas look although his manner, at times, certainly belied any of the good tidings that you normally associate with Christmas. Off the green he was good to talk to.  Once on the green, things changed.  He had very high standards for himself and expected that those who played with him to also play to similar high standards.  Heaven help a leader who did not put the kitty with 3 feet of him or a third who jumped into the head when he was about to play a bowl.

Roy will be greatly missed.